Move a place may not live

Not long ago, a colleague told me that he was looking for someone to move to another unit in order to change the situation of not being valued by the leader. I reminded him that moving to another place is not necessarily a "live", because it is not good for him to change jobs frequently and the job is unstable.

There is no denying that some comrades who did not do well in the original unit are more happy when they arrive at the new unit. There are also a small number of ordinary comrades who have made obvious achievements soon after they arrived at a new unit, but the reason why these comrades can move "live" is not because of the role of the form of moving places, but because they have good thinking and quality first, have a certain ability to work, and also have a strong professional dedication.

Today, in the respect knowledge, respect talent, leaders at all levels are thirsty, and are trying to cultivate talents, mining, I don't to those your former unit situation difficult to comrade should not be considered, but should calm down and find own existence deficiency, strive to do a good job, when a colleague leaders praise, respect of good staff, efforts to improve myself, Only if you have the corresponding ability, you will be appreciated and reused by the leadership. Therefore, I want to remind my colleagues that it is better to use their minds to work hard and create conditions for themselves in the unit so that they can really "live".

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