Yixing Qiancheng Bioengneering Co.,Ltd Has been building the "jiecheng market system project" in all stages of its development. In jie to build brand equity over the same period, the development of the market system to get affordable, formed by regional market aggression, the establishment of the media market mature, pathways, the rationality of the use of system management, sales, market, marketing performance, and the domestic market and international market a win-win situation for the center of the market system.

The group in the construction of a sound market system under the banner, the total control of the national sales market management. The front of the regional market has been radiated to the northwest, north, east, south, northeast, southwest and so on, and continues to penetrate the battle; The use of media has also expanded from traditional television media, newspaper media, broadcast media, magazine media, indoor and outdoor media to new media represented by network media. The use of the pathway is operated according to the conventional pathway of food additives and amino acids. Group in this aspect gives its deeper connotation of the pathway, formed by pathway, companies and advertisers as one of the new relations, and in the framework of market development, set up a series of marketing management system: "marketing management manual", "distribution market operations manual", "promotion management handbook" and other system and management solution.

The marketing methods include unit media promotion, ground marketing promotion and social image promotion. The successful practice of terminal sales has been completed under the effective promotion mode, and the sales volume has exceeded 300 million yuan. At the same time, the start of the market has achieved initial results, and the international market system of Jiecheng under the background of WTO has been fully launched.

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