Since its establishment, Yixing Qiancheng Bioengneering Co.,Ltd has simultaneously established a science and technology research center, built a research building of 1600 square meters, equipped with a variety of advanced equipment and more than 100 sets of conventional experimental equipment, with more than 70 full-time scientific research team, full-time scientific research personnel accounting for 23% of the total number of employees. Scientific research on the technology of the biological, chemical dominant direction of scientific research center, fully responsible for the group's research project screening, project, experimental development and foreign technical cooperation, foreign sponsored talent and project technology digestion, absorption, etc, have their own research and development of products, foreign digest products, direct production, sales, etc. In addition to carrying out independent research and development work, the research center focuses more on relying on domestic well-known research institutes to take advantage of their special advantages in the field of research and development, and take the shortcut of research and development.

L-aspartic acid workshop, fumaric acid workshop, amino acid workshop, the main production equipment have introduced the new technology at home and abroad, the production capacity has a great advantage over the market conventional similar equipment, the rate of excellent products has reached more than 99.5%, the annual production capacity of the equipment is more than 2000 tons.

Companies with strong scientific research and technical strength, not only to provide customers with quality products, over the years more customers to solve a lot of technical problems, in the future we will, as always, do a good job of free technical support for customers, as long as we can solve, we will be unreserved dedication.       

We sincerely welcome domestic and foreign peer enterprises and customers to our company for mutual discussion and research, mutual technical exchanges, common development and common progress, but also hope that everyone on some aspects of our company's shortcomings put forward valuable opinions.


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